Make your backyard green without spending a lot of green!


Mazingira creates and maintains beautiful, professional landscapes and

gardens that respect nature as well as your pocketbook.  It is possible to

have your dream garden or go eco-friendly even on a tight budget. 

We specialize in:

• Landscape design and installation

• Drought tolerant/low maintenance gardens

• Lawn alternatives and native groundcovers

• Drip irrigation systems

• Year-round yard maintenance services

Mazingira’s eco-friendly designs save water, money, and labor for years to

come.   Our comprehensive landscaping and garden services will help you

realize your dream outdoor space.


About us


Based in the Oakland/Berkeley area, we serve the whole Bay Area

including San Francisco.  We are a licensed, bonded and insured

contracting company.

Mazingira’s owner/operator offers expertise gained through a rare

combination of a lifelong relationship with plants, professional experience

throughout the Bay Area, and formal education in horticulture and design. 

Our aesthetic is also unique—a fusion of Mazingira’s roots in both

Zanzibar, Tanzania (one of the world’s foremost “tropical island

paradises”), and the Mediterranean ecology of the Bay Area.